Fertilizing in Culture - TOMATO
Increased production and excellent quality

Both types of crops for varietal product , tomato under greenhouse and outdoors. The third kind is the industrial home. All three species are important for the agricultural economy . Tomatoes require large amounts of food items due to increased production and vegetative mass. Productivity varies depending on region , variety, soil and method of cultivation . Treatment of fertilization should be based on expected production , because , otherwise , if we fertilize in larger quantities of fertilizer required , will not have a favorable impact on the quality of fetus and the basic qualitative features . Too much nitrogen, results in::

·Increase sensitivity of the microorganisms
·Reduction of production due to delay blooming .
·Softening of fruits
·Late maturing

Large amounts of phosphorus cause ::
Increase the percentage of fruits uneven color .

The reinforcement of fertilizing potassium , improves the quality of fruits and reducing the negative impacts that may result from too much nitrogen dosing . But fertilizing inlarger amounts of potassium often causes a lack of magnesium .

Needs for food items for tomato (kg/acres)
Industrial tomato25-3515-20 30-405-8
Tomatoes under glass35-4520-2255-6510-12

Suggestions for fertilization

Adding nutrients nitrogen and potassium should be divided in the length of the vegetative cycle and fertilizing with nitrogen to shrink or brake before the ripening of fruit, for the tomato industry. For industrial and sort tomato that is grown outdoors, whole amount of phosphorus is added from the beginning of cultivation and comes toghether with the soil.

Basic fertilizers
Fertilizer typeDose (kg/acres))Notes
KOMPLEFERT(10-10-20-(15)+4MgO+micro nutritient elements)80-120The choice depends on the particular type of soil conditions, the type of culture and additional water.
MPLESTAR (12-12-17-(13)+2MgO+ micro nutritient elements)80-120
MAGNIFERT (14-7-14-(12,5)+5MgO+ micro nutritient elements)60-80
NUTRIFERT 12 (12-12-12-(15)+0,2Ζn) 100-120
11-15-15-(14) 100-120
ORGANOFERT 12 (12-12-12-(15)+10% organic) 100-120
MASTERKALI (0-0-30+ 10MgO+18S)
Површинско ѓубрење
AMONIUM NITRAT      (34,5-0-0+0,5 MgO) ОThe rest of the nitrogen remaining from the amount of nitrogen fertilization on primary advantage is that the level of 25-30 con. divided doses, depending on the method of cultivation.
AMONIUM NITRAT     (33,5-0-0)
FERTAMON 25 (25-0-0-(16))
NITROKAN                          (27-0-0+4MgO+0,2B)

We suggest that fertilizer will give large fruit with good quality and more production per acres..