ELFE Factory with vision Our vision is to be recognized by employees, competition, community, customers and suppliers as well, leading fertilizer manufacturing company in Greece and in the wider region of Southeast Europe. We envision the company as a size that provides significant value for shareholders, employees and of course, our customers.
ELFE Factory which ensures Our goal is to produce high quality fertilizer that will ensure reliable and abundant yields. Fertilizers that will enable the manufacturer to pay his plight.
High quality for low prices We offer our customers high quality products, giving them the best possible relationship between quality and price. Good organization, good management company and rational use of resources, promote continuous improvement in our productivity.
We care about nature The production of fertilizers, our company applies all necessary safeguards and strictly comply with regulations on environmental protection and the environment. Environmental protection is a primary consideration in everything we do.
Caring for employees Human capital is the main pillar of our company. We invest in people and their knowledge. Employees working a great work environment. We offer a job where you are respected personality of the employee based on the values of justice and equal opportunities. The high level and our commitment to safety and health protection of workers
Core values ​​of the company The way we work is based on professionalism, integrity and reliability. The integrity and credibility of our core values.
Trust and respect Honesty and open communication generate trust and confidence inspires respect. We trust our customers and suppliers. The company trusts and respects its employees.

Fertilizers by industry phosphor Feed ELFE best ally of the farmer!

The best ally of the farmer.

What does good manure Phosphor Fertilizer Industry ELFE mean? What’s the difference from other fertilizers? Safety and greater yield? Higher fertility?

Guarantee of a large factory

Phosphor Fertilizer Industry ELFE which is the largest manufacturer of Phosphor Fertilizer in Greece guarantees the quality of its products.

ELFE appreciate your work

Because your work is greatly appreciated and it worths bringing the best results, make sure the fertilizer you use is right.

Spherical shaped grains

The shape of the grains is nearly spherical which facilitates the decomposition of manure and its smooth deployment. Grains are loaded, they do not break easily and make up dust.

Safety and Warranty

TypographyEvery plant needs better conditions for development and growth. Especially nowadays when the world market requires excellent quality of crops and intensive production. The fertilizer industry for Phosphor Fertilizer ELFE produces quality products without harmful effects on plants. It is scientifically proven that the fertilizer ELFE provide the best revenue per hectare.

Greater Yield

TypographyChoosing the appropriate fertilizer has a great importance. For Phosphor Fertilizer Industry ELFE the modern farmer offers complete solutions for appropriate fertilizer combinations and advanced quality. ELFE controls the quality of the final compost use, guaranteeing stable high quality .Choosing fertilizers from ELFE your making the best choice.

Increased Fertility

ColorsFertilizer from ELFE save time and are with the best price in the market. Completely meet the needs of the plant and maintain fertility of the soil .It protects plants and make them more resistant. Fertilizer from ELFE increase productivity and quality of products. ELFE is the best ally of the farmer! ELFE IS THE BEST ALLY OF THE FARMER!