Fertilizing in Culture - POTATO
Higher production per acres and good quality

To achieve high production is very important the fertilizing to be applied throughout the growing period . The development of the roots of the potato system is limited and needs a low temperature , especially in the early stages of cultivation . So too satisfy the need of nutrients to meet under such circumstances , it needs more nutrients. That explains the fact that, so that it has more production of potatoes requires intensive fertilization , even when soil analysis indicates an excess of nutrients . In acid soils with pΗ to ( 5.5 ) where the potato is adapted great it needs adding magnesium , but in very acidic soils with pΗ (4,0-5,5), often appears toxicity of magnesium . Excessive toxicity of soil can be corrected by adding calcium . In similar cases, like in organic soils is not a rare occurrence of boron deficiency and in this case it needs an appropriate fertilization . Manure needs to be moved at high level , producing 3-4 tons of potatoes are as follows :

Needs for nutritients for potato(kg / acres)

It is very important influence of nitrogen , which accelerates the development of leaves and result in high production in the early period . In contrast , over- fertilization with nitrogen slows ripening potato , reduces weight and increases the percentage of potato which is not suitable for sale. Phosphorus accelerates ripening and potassium has a beneficial effect on the quality of the product.

Suggestions for fertilization

Most of the nitrogen , along with phosphorus , potassium and magnesium and micronutritient elements should be added to the basic fertilization . Additional nitrogen fertilization should be given part by part , in order to meet the constant needs of the plant. Excellent results of cultivation of potato gives banded fertilizer ammonium sulfur , without causing negative for breeding , disease burners , causing the crystal ammonium sulfur.

Basic fertilizers
Fertilizer typeDose(kg/acres)
KOMPLIFERT (10-10-20-(15)+4MgO+micro nutritient elements)120-150
BLESTAR (12-12-17-(13)+2MgO+micro nutritient elements)100-130
MAGNIFERT (14-7-14-(12,5)+5MgO+micro nutritient elements)80-120
POLYBOR (12-12-18-(12)+0,5Β+micro nutritient elements)100-130
ORGANOFERT 12 (12-12-12-(15)+10% organic)100-130
ОRGANOFERT 8 (8-10-14-(11)+15% ORGANIC) 100-130
11-15-15-(14) 120-150
SULFUR AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE (16-20-0-(13)) 60-80
MASTERKALI (0-0-30+10MgO+18S) 50-60
Surface fertilizing
TRIOGRAN EXTRA (20,5-0-0-(18))30-50
AMMONIUM NITRATE (33,5-0-0) 15-30
AMMONIUM NITRATE (34,5-0-0+ 0,5MgO) 15-30
NITROKAN (27-0-0+4MgO+0,2B)25-40

We propose fertilizer that gives great production by acres with excellent quality characteristics of the product.