Fertilizing in Culture - RICE
Effective fertilization for higher production

The cultivation of rice in the development of alkaline soils and soils with salts provides us with large incomes , and contribute to improve soils . The new rice varieties with high productivity , need a lot of nutrients , but a large part of the nutrients you absorb , especially potassium , returnes to the soil with straw ..

Absorbing nutrients from growing rice.
Part of the plantNutritional elements in pounds per tonne

Rice is a specific culture , as is constantly in water . The consequence is an increased loss of nitrogen with the spillage , evaporation and infiltration of water . The recovery of the water is cleared of other fertilizers . Because the rice spreads in growth , contributes to the solubility of phosphorus and micronutrients specific elements such as iron and maganium , but increases the loss of water-soluble zinc. Rice is particularly sensitive on the lack of zinc and symptoms appear early after the first grow . Adding zinc to the primary fertilizer for soils where rice is sown in many cases increases production up to 50 % . Prognosis of lack of zinc is relatively easy by analyzing the soil .

Use of nutritive elements (kg / acres)

Suggestions for fertilization

Analysis of soil is needed for rice, determining the variety and dosage of fertilizer on each field separately. About 1/3 of nitrogen and entire quantity of phosphorus and potassium are given together with the complex fertilizer , enriched with zinc . Basic fertilization can be combined with a compound fertilizer with ΝΡΚ FERTAMON -Ζn. The remaining amount of nitrogen is given in two doses , the first with sprouting new and the second at the beginning of the growing fetus . It avoids the use of nitrate nitrogen , due to the large loss from evaporation of oxides.

Basic fertilizers
Fertilizer type

Dosе (kg/acres)


20-10-10-(5,8)+1Zn СО....ME OYPIA



NUTRIFERT 18 (18-9-6-(11)+0,2Ζn) + FERTAMON-Ζn (24-0-0-(15)+1,5Ζn)


Compination of two basic fertilizers

20-10-10-(9) + FERTAMON-Ζn (24-0-0-(15)+1,5Ζn)


Surface fertilizing

TIOGRAN EXTRAА (20,5-0-0-(18))


According to the needs of the field (soil)

FERATMON- 25 (25-0-0-(16))


We suggest fertilization that covers the special needs of rice resulting in a rich production..