Fertilizing in Culture - CORN
High productivity with minimum cost

Corn is a friend of heat with high productivity and grows better at temperatures of 21-27 Co. Prefers deep soils that retain moisture in neutral and slightly alkaline pΗ and it requires much watering . The corn absorbs nitrogen in very large quantities, which depend on the production volume . If you take into account the inevitable loss of this nutrient from the soil , producing corn than 1000 kg / acres , requires the addition of more than 25 kg / acres , even in fields with good fertility . Absorption of nitrogen takes place continuously throughout the period of development , especially in shaping sharp . Corn requires a lot of phosphorus and potassium even in the rich soils with nutrients necessary to phosphorus fertilization . Maize is particularly sensitive of zinc deficiency . Lack of nutrituon is common and causes severe production cuts . Therefore it is suggested preventive application of zinc along with fertilization .

Need of nutrients for corn (kg / acres)

Suggestions for fertilization

More than half the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous and 80 % potassium have to be absorbed before the blooming of the plant and these components need to be present throughout the entire period of growth . Phosphorus and potassium are added with the main fertilization , while nitrogen is added to half the amount of the main fertilizing and the other half of the surface , when the amount of corn have 60 to 80 cm. For better results, preferably a mixture of ammonium nitrogen and ammonium nitrate ( FERTAMON)

Basic fertilizers
Fertilizer type Dose (kg/acres)
FERTIKORN (27-9-0-(4)+1,5Ζn)60-70
FERTIKORN WITH KALIUM (26-7-5-(2,5)+1,5Ζn)60-70
NUTRIFERT 18 (18-9-6-(11)+0,2Ζn)70-80
Surcafe fertilizing
FERTAMON 25 (25-0-0-(16))40-50
FERTAMON Ζn (24-0-0-(15)+1,5Ζn)40-50
AMMONIUM NITRAT (33,5-0-0)30-40
TIOGRAN EXTRA (20,5-0-0-(18))50-60
NITROKAN (27-0-0+4MgO+0,2B)40-50

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