Hardness and high quality

Carefully selected raw materials combined with real technology is the only way to produce solid and high quality cover for greenhouses .

Daios Plastics S.A.


Polyetic foil that AGROEFODIA offers is the largest producer in Greece DAIOS Plastics resistant to negative influences.

  • •High quality films .
  • •Specialized and proprietary films.
  • •Films for industrial and general use .
  • •Films for drying tobacco.
  • •Thermophilic films for watermelons , melons , .
  • •Black films for watermelons , melons , tomatoes.

Protection from UV radiation

Sunlight or UV radiation is one of the negative factors that affect and lead to damage of the polyethylene cover .Because of that in the preparation of polyethylene sheets are added anti oxidant additives to protect the cover from harmful solar radiation.

Diffusion of light

Typical for this films is that when the sun's rays passing through it is distributed evenly . Thus reducing shaded places in the greenhouse , which increases photosynthesis in plants.

Anti fog

In the early morning or after sunset as a result of evaporation of soil and plants is effectively blurring the greenhouse . This type of films inhibits or reduces the formation of fog .

Against leakage

Due to the high temperatures and the resulting evaporation of soil and plants inside the greenhouse creates dew on the inside of the polyethylene cover . Dew droplets cause the spread of diseases in plants and also reduce the penetration of light in the greenhouse. This kind of films protect from falling droplets on plants . Thus the need for pesticides will be reduced and penetrating light will be increased by 15% .