Fertilization in Culture - ТOBACCO
More fertile ground for higher production

Needs feeding tobacco vary substantially, depending on the variety.For the oriental tobacco varieties the nourishments needs are smaller ,for the Virginia varietiy the need are in the secondary level , while the variety Burley needs are greater and exhaustible for the soil.For tobacco is the main nitrogen nutrient factor , phosphorus contributes to increased production and maturation in the early period , and potassium is a major factor for the quality of the product . The needs of the many dependent fertilization and other fertility soil conditions , and soil analysis instrument is needed to create a proper program for fertilizing.Like indicative needs are mentioned :

Tobacco's needs of food items
EASTERN TYPE 2-4 6-8 8-12
Virginia basic fertilizing 3-7 8-14 15-22
Virginia surface fertilizing 2-3 8-14 15-22
berley basic fertilizing 10-14 12-16 20-35
Berley surface fertilizing 4-6 12-16 20-35

In eastern type of tobacco is proposing the addition of surface nitrogen, because it reduces the quality of the product. Common needs are the addition of magnesium to western varieties in acid soils and neutral sandy soils .In these varieties of tobacco, especially in organic soils, and rarely in gritty soils, appears a lack of boron. In this case needs to be satisfied with basic fertilization.


Suggestions for fertilization

Order in a proper fertilization program for tobacco, the production is not incresed, but the volume of production, which provides excellent quality. It needs special attention, through the treatment of nitrogen. The supply of nitrogen culture in the early stages should be enough level not to exceed the needs. The level of supply should be reduced when approaching the period of harvest.
ELFE proposes to the manufacturer to have a choice, the following types of fertilizers, which provide the right solutions for fertilization

Basic fertilizing
Fetilizer type Dose (kg./acres) Notes
BLESTAR EXTRA         (12-12-17-(13)+2MgO+МЕ.) 60-120 Due to the different needs of different varieties of tobacco, the dosing moves into high.
KOMPLEFERT (10-10-20-(15)+4MgO+МЕ.) 60-120
POLYBOR (12-12-18-(12)+0,5Β+МЕ.) 60-120
POLYBOR                         (12-12-18-(12)+0,5Β+МЕ.) 50-100
8-16-24-(12) 50-80
Surface fertilizing
FERTAMON 25 (25-0-0-(16)) 20-50
AMMONIUM NITRAT   (33,5-0-0) 15-40
TIOGRAN EXTRA  (20,5-0-0-(18)) 25-60
NITROKAN (27-0-0+4MgO+0,2B) 20-50
We suggest fertilizing the soil with the appropriate fertilizers for higher production.