Fertilizing in Culture - Cereals
Proper fertilization must cost at least

The new variety of seeds of winter cereals ( wheat , barley ) used today are characteristic of higher production requiring , favorable climatic conditions and suitable soil , and proper combination of nutrients ( elements ) of manure . More specifically to achieve high production , a rule is necessary , first, strong manure nitrogen and second phosphorus fertilizing. Contrary needs of the soil of cereals to add potassium and other nutrients are very rare and limited .

Needs for food items for cereals (kg/ acres)

Suggestions for fertilization

The needs for fertilization of cereal crops are covered by appropriate combination of ammonium phosphate ( with the required ratio of nitrogen - phosphorus ) , and at least 2 doses of surfactant fertilizer or ammonium nitrate and calcium ammonium nitrate . In each case the analysis of the soil together with knowledge of the conditions of each region , are the best indicator for fertilicing. In many regions of the country , both in western and central Macedonia , where fields are sown cereals are acidic ( have a low PH) and need alkaline fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and OKSIFERT . According to the law on proper farming practices of the Ministry of Agriculture , the main nitrogen fertilization of winter cereals should not be more than 5 pounds of nitrogen per acres , to protect the environment while surface fertilization with nitrogen can be up to 11 kg per acres , divided into at least two doses .

Basic fertilizing
Fertilizer typeDose(kg./acres)Description
OKSIFERT (15-13-0-(14)+11CaO+2MgO)35Great for acidic soils, very rich in calcium. Slow release of phosphorus.
OKSINAL (12-12-0-(11)+10CaO+8MgO)40-45Ratio N/Ρ205 = 1/1 to improve acidic soils.
OKSIONAL (12-12-0+28% S03)40-45Ratio N/Ρ205 = 1/1 to improve acidic soils.
TEIOFOS 8 (18-8-0-(10))30
SULFUR AMMONIUM NITRAT (20-10-0-(11))25Ratio N/Ρ205 = 1/1, normal type..
SULFUR AMMONIUM NITRAT (22-11-0-(12))Μέχρι 25Ratio N/Ρ205 = 1/1 middle type
SULFUR AMMONIUM NITRAT (16-20-0-(13))30-35Ratio N/Ρ205 = 1/1 for soils with a little phoshphorus
Note: Other various similar types suitable for special conditions in order to produce ( example 25-10-0,19-9-0,20-20-0,10-20-0,21-9-0 +11Cao etc.
Surface fertilizing
AMMONIUM NITRATE (33,5-0-0 ή 34,5-0-0+0,5 MgO)15-25For neutral soils and soils with calcium.
CALCIUM AMMONIUM NITRAT (26-0-0 και 27-0-0)20-30fOR acidic soils and for normal soils, when it needs quick action
NITROKAN EXTRA Mg (27-0-0+4MgO+0,2B)20-30Rich source, rapid assimilation of nitrate nitrogen and magnesium

We propose appropriate fertilization for satisfactory production with less cost.